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Building & Rebuilding Education

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Build With Us!

The students of Ohr Chadash are builders. They are builders of chesed, knowledge, and skills. They are the builders of our Jewish future.

Every day our students study Torah, immerse themselves in reading, problem solve in math, and deepen their love of Eretz Yisrael, another brick is laid in the construction of their individual identities. Every smile, kind word, and moment of joyful creativity secures another beam in the scaffolding of their highest potential. Our builders are eager, with your support, to construct a secure framework from which they will grow into knowledgeable, passionate, and committed Jewish adults ready to take their place as contributors to the building of our Jewish future.

Ohr Chadash is Baltimore’s only Orthodox Jewish Day School for boys and girls rooted in the vision of Community, Individuality, and Excellence. Our annual campaign provides community builders like you an opportunity to share in achieving our vision and help us build the minds and souls of our future leaders.

We invite you to build with us.

Your generous contribution will grant our 320+ students the blueprints needed to create the most incredible structure of all – a community of creative, knowledgeable, and skilled young Jewish individuals who possess the tools needed to secure the Jewish future.

You are a Community builder.

You are a Torah builder.

You are a builder of the Jewish future.