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Be the Light!

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Be the Light!

Be the Light!

Ohr Chadash: a new light. What does it mean to be a new light? At Ohr Chadash, it means to generate a spark, create simcha, extend kindness, and embrace educational opportunity.

The power of light is transformative and continuous. When a lit candle touches the wick of another, the first candle ignites the second while remaining strong and vibrant. So, too, when an individual walks into a room with a big smile or a warm hello, their positivity contains the limitless power to transform another person's moment, or day, or even their life. Every smile, kind word, act of chesed, or expression of thoughtfulness initiates a chain reaction that transforms the recipients of light into transmitters, themselves.

Ohr Chadash, Baltimore’s only Orthodox Jewish Day School for boys and girls, is rooted in the vision of Community, Individuality, and Excellence. The students and faculty of Ohr Chadash embody these traits and live the vision. They project a shining light of chesed, commitment, and action, individual sparks that when combined illuminate a path ensuring a bright Jewish future.

Every day, our teachers and students study Torah, immerse themselves in literature, problem solve in math, and deepen their love of Eretz Yisrael. Through each experience, our lights are multiplied many times over.

Our students are eager, with your support, to enrich their light to grow into knowledgeable, passionate, and committed Jewish adults, ready to take their place as the shining lights of the next generation of Jewish leaders.

As a contributor to Ohr Chadash’s Annual Campaign, you have the opportunity to be a shining light. To be the initiator of giving and positivity. To harness the power of continuity, in which giving leads to more giving. Share in achieving our vision and help us nurture the light in the minds and souls of our Jewish future.

We invite you to Be the Light. Be transformative. Be brighter, together.